Eureka Oro vs Specialita

Eureka Oro and Eureka Specialita are coffee grinders made by the same company – Eureka. This company was set up as a manufacturer of grinders a tad over a century ago. Pretty soon, they created their mark and achieved excellence in their work. 

Therefore, to make that decision more manageable, I have compiled the features (and functions) of the Eureka Oro vs Specialita. Ultimately, I will conclude with the coffee grinder that best suits your needs.

Eureka Specialita Detailed Guide

Eureka Oro vs SpecialitaEureka Oro vs Specialita

Eureka Specialita is the predecessor of the Italian-made Eureka Oro. There’s no denying the fact that Specialita has provided some groundbreaking innovations in coffee-grinding machines. Let’s see how.

Who is it For? 

Eureka Specialita is a machine made for home baristas who know how to use high-quality machines and extract the best out of them. The Specialita provides one of the best grinds with a suppressed sound.

So, if you want to make yourself a nice shot of espresso first thing in the morning – without waking up the entire household – the Specialita might be for you. 

Eureka Specialita Pros

  • The main highlight of the Specialita is its ease of use. Once you’ve understood Specialita’s functions, you’d find the machine extremely easy to use. Moreover, as you get more acquainted with Specialita’s functions, you can start extracting consistent quality coffee grounds.
  • Undoubtedly, the Specialita is among the most silent coffee-grinding machines. Eureka’s silent technology makes the user experience pleasant and less frustrating, especially on Monday mornings right before the weekend ends. 🙁
  • Newer technologies such as the Micrometric Regulation System ensure that the quality of grind results is top-notch. This makes it a rather satisfying experience as the grind that results from this machine is second to none.  
  • But, more importantly, the Eureka Specialita has a price tag that is much more affordable than the Oro and provides better value for money. 

Eureka Specialita Cons

  • The machine has no proper setup for getting its grind fully out. Therefore, the Eureka Specialita lacks zero retention found in the Eureka Oros. Also, the issue of having more retention means that the coffee grinder gets clogged often.
  • Secondly, you will need to get acquainted with the Specialita’s functions to extract the most from it, which can be time-consuming.


Eureka Oro vs SpecialitaEureka Oro vs Specialita

Eureka Specialita has been designed to look good while also not compromising performance. The Eureka Specialita has a touchscreen display that allows you to adjust the grind settings.

Moreover, the Specialita is offered in numerous colors that can make the grinder look (somewhat) apart from other (bland) coffee grinder styles.

More importantly, Eureka allows customers to modify their Specialita with several add-on items, making the customer experience much more worthwhile.

Overall, the Eureka Specialita looks cheap with all the plastic components. But, one should not complain about the build quality (or design), especially for the price offered for the Specialita.


Eureka Specialita is equipped with 55mm hardened steel burrs compared to the 65mm flat diamond burrs found on the Oros. The 55mm hardened steel burrs can achieve a speed of up to 1,350 RPMs (Revolutions Per Minute), which provides a high-speed grind.

The built-in touch display on the machine has four buttons for you to choose from different settings. It works at up to 1350 revolutions per minute, because of which it provides a high-speed grind.

It contains a silent system that lowers the noise being produced by the machine. Similarly, the Stepless Micrometric Regulation System ensures that the quality of the grind is top-notch. 

What People think

The customers are highly impressed with the machine’s simplistic and no-nonsense looks. Moreover, the compact and petite size of the coffee grinder takes up less room, making it highly likable among customers, especially household users.

Also, thanks to its impressive silent technology, the Specialita has gained popularity amongst many who have left positive reviews regarding the grinder’s functions.

The grind quality because of its flat, hardened steel burrs is impeccable. Apart from highlighting the quality of the machine, the steel burrs also add a great flavor to the customers’ beverages.

With that said, there have been some customer complaints regarding the Specialita coffee grinder. First off, the customers complain about the quality of the hopper. They believe Eureka has “cheaped out” on it.

The hopper is made from cheap-feeling plastic, which wasn’t something that many were expecting. Moreover, the “popcorn effect” that the Specialita’s hopper makes is highly irritating to the ears. Similarly, many people have faced the retention problem, making maintenance and cleaning a rather time-consuming process.

Eureka Oro Detailed Review

Eureka Oro is a single-dose manual coffee grinder made in Italy. It looks and works with extreme precision and feels high quality too.

Who is it For?

Although the machine has a simple usage process, it might not be for total beginners. Instead, the Oro is for home baristas of an intermediate level. Those coffee lovers can work their way through to make one hell of an espresso shot! 

Eureka Oro Pros

  • One of the main highlights of the Oro is its Extremely Low Retention (ELR) system. The Oro’s 15-degree incline makes no room for leftover coffee grinds, making them safe for the next use.
  • Eureka has added a blow-up cleaning feature to the Oro, which helps clean the grinding chamber. So, before adding more coffee beans to the grind, the grinding chamber is already clean. 
  • The machine is perfectly sized and offers everything you’ll ever need in a coffee grinder.
  • The Oro takes up less of your kitchen counter space and looks extremely elegant.
  • The silent technology added to the machine considerably reduces the noise, making the Oro less frustrating (and annoying).
  • Most importantly, Eureka Oro’s design language reeks of class, making it look premium and a treat to watch.

Eureka Oro Cons

  • The components used in this machine do not fit the price tag that it is being sold for.
  • It also tends to heat up if you grind up to a certain level of coffee. Therefore, it somewhat limits the number of coffee beans you can grind, which is a bit of a concern, especially if the Oro is used for commercial purposes.


A quick look at the Eureka Oro shows that this coffee grinder is designed to perfection. The grinding chamber has been set at an angle of 15, ensuring that no coffee grounds are retained inside the machine.

As a result, the coffee grind in the next cycle tastes much more natural, fresh, and less chemical-like.

The Oro can be equipped in three colors – Black, White, and Chrome. Moreover, the Oro has a dedicated knob on the top that allows you to set your preferred level of grind settings. 


Eureka Oro has a 65mm flat burr that Eureka likes to call Diamond Inside Burrs.

The Eureka Oro offers users to play with the grind settings with the help of a variable RPM that goes up to 1,650 revs. Also, the Eureka Oro has silent technology to ensure the machine is not noisy, which improves the user experience to a great extent.

What people think

The customers of Eureka Oro have been very impressed by the grinder. Thanks to its quality (and the type of grind settings it offers), the Eureka Oro has made a bit of a fan-following.

Moreover, a number of customers have praised the Oro’s 65mm flat burr diamond burrs that provide excellent uniformed coffee grounds – with little to no retention.

Speaking of retention, another factor that has attracted a lot of people in Eureka Oro’s ELR (Extremely Low Retention) system.

The ELR system allows for almost zero coffee ground retention. Moreover, the ELR system ensures that the coffee grounds (in terms of grams) are accurate. In addition, the 65mm flat diamond reviews have been reviewed to provide a faster grind.

However, some people did not have many pleasant experiences with the grinder. For instance, on some occasions, the grinders had a few issues and hiccups. Also, many people complained about the burrs not being in their place. Eventually, the experience for the consumers was not so good.

To top it off, the components used in the Oro were not up to the mark, which is a shame and contradicts the grinder’s high price tag.

Eureka Oro vs Specialita – The verdict?

With that said, I recommend you take a leap and go for Eureka Oro. Yes, the Eureka Oro costs an arm and a leg, but I assure you the experience is worth it.

Not only is the Eureka Oro a treat to look at, but a treat to the ears and tongue as well. The grinder’s burrs, aka the ‘engine’ of coffee grinders,  produce highly-unformed and consistent coffee grounds that make up for a tasty beverage.

Useful Buyer’s Guide:

While going for a coffee grinder, there are many factors that you should have in mind. It is recommended that you go through these factors before finally committing yourself to either coffee grinder. 

The first thing that you should keep in mind is the budget. It would be best if you got a machine that fits your needs within your budget. Therefore, if your budget is constrained, you should side more with the Eureka Specialita than the Oro.

More importantly, you must avoid too cheap coffee grinders as such grinders use low-grade components (and poor build quality) that won’t last long. It is advised to spend extra money on coffee grinders from reputable brands instead of risking your money (and time) with inexpensive coffee grinders.

To ensure that the brand delivers what it promises, you will need to inspect each grinder’s customer reviews. The more customer reviews you go through, the quicker (and more likely) your chances are of deciding the best coffee grinder for yourself.

Customer reviews can indicate how highly the brand regards its customers. So, analyzing the customer reviews should help you ensure whether the brand has good connections with its customers – in the form of after-sales service – or not.  


Grinding coffee beans is a task that plays a significant role in the type of drink that you will get. You must carry out this crucial task with great precision, and only then are you rewarded with a great-tasting beverage.

The coffee grind settings are one of the most crucial factors in brewing the type of coffee you prefer. Coffee aficionados are very particular about how well-ground their coffee is to get the most out of their coffee beans.

So, the list of coffee grinders offering several features – at an affordable price – makes it incredibly difficult to choose the best coffee grinder for yourself. 

I am sure you, too, have gone through the same problem or might be suffering from it now.

As more and more coffee grinders keep popping up on the radar, it becomes hard to choose the perfect one for yourself. One that will ensure a beverage that will leave you wanting more.

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