What is a Mocha Macchiato At Starbucks

You must have tried out mocha and macchiato separately but do you know Starbucks also offers a combination of both?

Let’s learn about the mocha macchiato, what it tastes like and how you can order one at Starbucks the next time you visit. 

What is Mocha Macchiato?

Mocha Macchiato is a great blend of chocolaty mocha and strong espresso macchiato. To order one, Just ask your barista for a caramel macchiato, and then get it drizzled with mocha or white mocha syrup. Mocha Macchiato is a”secret” menu item that not everyone knows about!

The yummy burst of flavors this coffee offers will give you the morning jerk you need while pleasing your taste buds with the sweetness of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. 

What could be better than a combination of the best coffee flavors? 

What Does a Mocha Macchiato Taste Like?

Mocha macchiato gives a strong espresso punch, coupled with the sweetness of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. It is not as strong as regular macchiato and not as sweet and light as mocha. This cup of joe strikes a perfect balance between espresso and chocolate. 

You can order mocha macchiato in other flavors such as toffee, coconut milk, and vanilla mocha macchiato. The final taste depends on the types of syrups, the number of pumps, and the quantity of milk in the cup. You can always try out whipped cream and different sprinkles on top.

The Ingredients of Mocha Macchiato

Mocha Macchiato is a blended treat of the following ingredients:

  1. Vanilla Syrup (optional)
  2. Steamed milk
  3. Brewed Espresso
  4. Milk foam 
  5. Mocha sauce (made of water, sugar, cocoa processed with alkali, natural flavor)
  6. White chocolate mocha sauce (made of sugar, condensed skim milk, coconut oil, cocoa butter, natural flavor, salt, potassium sorbate, monoglycerides)
  7. Caramel sauce (optional) 

How Many Calories Are in a Starbucks Mocha Macchiato? 

Calories in a cup of mocha macchiato can range from 70-200, depending on the constituents. The calorie count depends on quantity and the type of milk, syrups, and number of pumps. If you are adding extra sugar, expect more caloric intake.

You can always go for a low-calorie drink by cutting down on syrups and sweeteners. 

Caffeine in Regular Mocha Macchiato

A tall cup of mocha macchiato is made of two shots of espresso. According to a guide by Starbucks, one espresso shot contains 75mg of caffeine. This means your tall cup consists of 150mg of caffeine! 

You can always customize your cup according to how much caffeine you need in your coffee. But if you ask for a pre-made mocha macchiato, it’ll contain a double shot of espresso. 

How to Make a Mocha Macchiato?

Mocha Macchiato is pretty easy to make. You just need to know the proper order of your syrups and sauces! If you’re ordering at a cafe, your barista must be already familiar with the drink. However, if they don’t, you can guide them. Nothing wrong with helping your barista. 

Step 1: Add the required pumps of mocha syrup to your cup at the bottom. For a tall cup, two pumps are required. For grande and venti, you’d need 3 and 4 pumps of syrup, respectively. 

Step 2: Add white mocha syrup in a similar fashion. You can always skip this step if you don’t want extra sweetness in your coffee. 

Step 3: Add your favorite type of milk to the cup and give it a shake. If you’re in the mood for an iced mocha macchiato, throw in some ice cubes. 

Step 4: Add two shots of freshly brewed espresso over your sweetened iced milk.

Step 5: Top it off with whipped cream and finish with mocha, white, or caramel (optional) drizzle. Make a crosshatch or a ring, whatever pleases you! 

How to Order a Starbucks Mocha Macchiato?

Trying out Starbucks secret menu is extremely fun and can perk you up instantly. The next time you step into Starbucks, take our advice and order this yummy blend of mocha and macchiato.

Get in the line, wait for your turn, then ask your barista for a tall, venti, or grande cup of caramel macchiato (either iced or hot). Now ask for a “macho drizzle” in place of caramel drizzle. If you like extra flavoring, you can also ask for a white mocha drizzle or caramel drizzle.  

Mocha vs. Macchiato 

If you’re new to the coffee game, you must get fluttered with all the different kinds of coffee at Starbucks. Cappuccino, americano, frappe, latte, mocha, macchiato and the list never ends!

Mocha and macchiato are made of different ingredients and offer different flavors. Let’s get into more details, shall we?


The original macchiato (Italian for “stain,” “marked”) is basically a cup of espresso with a little bit of steamed milk on top, just to “stain” that yummy cup of joe. 

Unlike American macchiato, the Italian espresso macchiato gives you a strong punch of espresso. It can either be topped with steamed milk or foam of your choice. 

There is another type called latte macchiato, which is made by pouring espresso over the steamed milk to form layers instead of pouring milk over an espresso. 

At Starbucks, you can order Caramel Macchiato and the original Espresso Macchiato with the toppings and add-ins of your choice. 


Mochas, on the other hand, have an added ingredient of chocolate with espresso and milk. This delicious blend of coffee and chocolate can never go wrong! If you’re not a fan of strong espresso flavor, then mocha is for you. The sweet chocolate and steamed milk tone down the punchy espresso taste. 

At Starbucks, you can have a variety of Mochas, like Caffe Mocha, Dark Chocolate Mocha, White Chocolate Mocha, and Peppermint Mocha, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles of your choice. 

Unlike macchiato, mocha is available in a wide variety of flavors. 

How to Order a Starbucks Marble Mocha Macchiato?

Marble Mocha Macchiato is another superb variation of regular caramel macchiato hidden in Stabuck’s mystery menu. Before you order it, it’s important to know the ingredients because your barista might be new, and he may be unaware of this flavor.

Marble mocha macchiato consists of white mocha syrup instead of the regular vanilla sauce.

So you can order this by saying you need a regular caramel macchiato with white mocha sauce. Ask your barista to skip the vanilla syrup. And that’s it! You’ll be given the scrumptious marble mocha macchiato.

Starbucks Low-Calorie Vanilla Mocha Coconut Macchiato

Want something new in Starbucks’ secret mocha macchiato range? Try their coconut milk mocha macchiato. Now, if you are on a low-calorie diet, this coffee is perfect as it constitutes only 90 calories. 

This coffee is made of coconut milk that is very kind to your waistline. Just ask your barista for a caramel macchiato BUT with coconut milk. Don’t forget to mention the milk type, or you’ll end up with just the regular mocha macchiato. Instead of high-calorie vanilla syrup, ask for sugar-free vanilla syrup. Finish the making of this perfect coffee with mocha or white mocha drizzle. And that’s it. Simple as that!

Starbucks Toffee Mocha Macchiato

Who doesn’t like the taste of coffee mixed with chocolate and enhanced with espresso? It sounds like heaven! Starbucks offers toffee mocha macchiato, another flavourful and nutty variation of regular macchiato.

Suppose this is not available at your Starbucks store, you can make one by asking your barista for a cup of caramel macchiato, flavored with toffee nut syrup, caramel syrup (optional), topped with mocha and white mocha drizzle. Ask for half a pump of syrup, or you might end up with too much sweetness in your coffee. 

Final thoughts

If you’re not trying out every flavor of coffee in Starbucks, then you’re missing out big times! With over 50 beverages on the Starbucks menu and 50 more on their secret menu, you can definitely find your favorite flavor after a few tries.

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