PicoBaristo vs LatteGo

PicoBaristo and LatteGo are machines made by Saeco and Philips, respectively. However, Philips is the parent company of Saeco. The PicoBaristo and LatteGo are both automatic espresso machines having a plethora of features and qualities.

Upon comparing the features of the PicoBaristo and the LatteGo, you can tell how closely these machines are matched. Both spectacular machines offer top-class features, including coffee grind and type settings. Brewing coffee has never been effortless before. Moreover, extracting consistent-quality coffee from both machines is a blessing in disguise.

PicoBaristo vs LatteGo

PicoBaristo vs LatteGo PicoBaristo By SaecoPicoBaristo vs LatteGoPicoBaristo vs LatteGo LatteGo By Philips

After a thorough analysis, I think that Philips LatteGo consistently comes out on top, especially when it comes to value for money. It provides a high-quality build alongside several other functions, including a “my coffee choice” option.

Besides, the LatteGo has a user-friendly interface, making brewing a cup of coffee even more effortless. As a result, the number of features coupled with the quality of coffee that comes from it makes Philips LatteGo a must-have for any coffee lover looking to automate their espresso-making process.

Keep reading if you’d like to know more unpopular details about both appliances before making a decision.

Philips LatteGo

PicoBaristo vs LatteGoPicoBaristo vs LatteGo

All things considered, LatteGo’s simplistic design is not to be taken for granted! The design philosophy might have been kept minimalistic, but the features and functions it packs are impressive and praiseworthy.


Phillips has made it easy for coffee enthusiasts to brew their coffee in their LatteGos, thanks to the impressive number of features that the machine packs. For instance, you can choose from 12 different grind settings for your coffee beans.

Moreover, the LatteGo offers complete freedom in choosing from 5 different types of coffees with just a push of a button.

Furthermore, LatteGo has added an aroma seal that ensures that your coffee beans stay fresh for longer. The AquaClean filter in the LatteGo makes your coffee top quality without you needing to descale it frequently.

Plus, the LatteGo can easily withstand 5000 cups of coffee – that is, if the machine has been appropriately used instead of abused. 

To make the machine’s user-interface friendly, LatteGo has added a “my coffee choice” section. The “my coffee choice” option allows you to set exactly how you prefer. For instance, you can add how strong (and aromatic) you want your coffee to be and the amount of water, cream, and froth in the coffee. 


The LatteGo weighs approximately 8kgs (18lbs) and uses 1500W of power. As mentioned earlier, the LatteGo’s build quality mainly comprises glossy black plastic that gives the machine a premium look.

Moreover, the LatteGo comes with a ceramic grinder having up to 12 grinding settings. Also, the LatteGo is said to withstand the use of up to 20,000 brews, which is more than impressive.

Method of operating

LatteGo is one of the most straightforward machines to operate. It has all the settings that allow you to make your coffee with a touch of a button. Follow the following steps to execute a perfect espresso shot on the LatteGo:

First, fill the grinder container with the preferred amount (or grams) of coffee beans and seal the container with the aroma seal. The aroma sealer will ensure that the coffee stays fresh for a longer time. Then, you will need to set your grinder level from up to 12 different grind level options.

The “my coffee choice” menu lets you choose how strong (and aromatic) your coffee should be. Next, fill the water container with the preferred amount of water. Once your settings are in place, you can press the button and let the machine do its work.

The reward of all these efforts is a rich-bodied creamy coffee that tastes like it has come straight out of a café.

What people think

The customers have reviewed the LatteGo to be an excellent value for money. The number of functions and features that the machine packs at such an affordable price have caught the attention of coffee enthusiasts globally.

Moreover, people are impressed with the level of espresso shots the machine can extract. In addition, most customers have labeled the LatteGo as producing one of the most aesthetically-pleasing coffees.

LatteGo welcomes experimentation and rewards you accordingly. Phillips has kept the cleaning and maintenance factors of the LatteGo relatively effortless, making it extremely popular amongst coffee lovers.

However, on some occasions, some consumers have had adverse experiences and unpleasantries with the machine.

For instance, Phillip’s customer service isn’t up to the mark, especially after the machine breaks down and you’re left wondering what to do next. Also, most customers have perceived the LatteGo as unable to last more prolonged periods. 


  • Easy to use and an extremely user-friendly interface
  • Very compact and solid build quality
  • Up to 12 grinder options
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • My coffee choice makes it easy and quick to use


  • Noisy machine
  • The milk frother might be a little too dense


LatteGos are one of those coffee machines whose designs are not too ‘shouty’ and lack the ‘look-at-me’ attitude. You can tell there has been a greater focus on performance rather than looks.

The build quality comprises a blend of plastic and stainless steel. Moreover, the LatteGo comes in a hybrid black-silver color. Although there are no nukes and edges to bring the aesthetics out, the gloss finish brings an exquisite look to the LatteGo.

All LatteGos come with a display screen that has 13 buttons that help you make your coffees.

PicoBaristo Detailed review

The PicoBaristo is a mid-range super-automatic espresso machine made in Europe. Many highly sophisticated technologies have been put together to bring this piece of machinery out.


One of the main highlights of the PicoBaristo is that the machine remembers the strength of your coffee. Once you’ve customized your coffee to match your needs, you can extract the same quality coffee from the espresso machine every time.

The espresso machine has up to 10 ‘grind’ settings for your coffee. So, you can choose how well-ground coffee you desire.

Moreover, the ceramic grinders can withstand up to 20,000 cups of coffee. The quick boiling option means that you’re just a push of a button away from brewing an ideal cup of espresso for yourself.

Moreover, PicoBaristo allows you to choose from several coffees, which means you can have either type of coffee whenever you desire. The PicoBaristo comes with a milk carafe that can be stored in a fridge when not in use.

The carafe froths the milk twice before finally being added to the coffee. Also, the machine has a separate dedicated button to clean the milk carafe, hence prolonging the machine’s life.


This machine uses 1850W and weighs around 7.2Kg (16 pounds). The PicoBaristo is (mostly) made of stainless steel.

However, some plastic is also present in the build quality itself. Most of the machine’s components are removable, making them easy to clean and maintain.

The PicoBaristo can make up to 2 cups of 5 different coffee types at a time. It takes approximately 45 seconds to brew an espresso.

However, the time dramatically increases to 100 seconds to brew other coffees. Moreover, the machine produces a pressure of up to 15 bars to brew espresso.

Method of operating

PicoBaristo is extremely simple and easy to operate. Follow the following steps to make a perfect espresso shot.

Firstly, add the coffee beans into the compartment and set it to the required size. The well-integrated knob allows you to choose from different grind levels for your coffee beans.

Then, with the help of the machine’s buttons, select your preferred coffee type, such as the coffee strength. The good thing is that PicoBaristo allows you to save these settings for future reference.

After setting up the machine to your preferences, press the button and wait for a few seconds. Eventually, fresh espresso will start flowing into your cup.

What People Think

The PicoBaristo is highly-praised by Saeco coffee machine users. People have noticed a massive improvement to the existing models of the PicoBaristo. Plus, the coffee-brewing options that PicoBraisto offers have the heart of several coffee enthusiasts.

PicoBaristo has made the job easier for the users by bringing everything to one touch. The build quality of this machine is said to be top-notch. Thanks to its robust design and classy yet professional look, the PicoBaristo has impressed several people.

However, a few people have had unpleasant experiences with the Picobaristo machine. Many people have complained about the machine’s display showing unusual warnings and signs.

Soon enough, the components start to malfunction. For instance, there have been specific issues with the milk frother where the frother fails to heat the milk to the desired temperature.


  • A well-built machine with an exquisite look
  • Several grinding options and coffee types to choose from
  • Provides quick brews of café quality at home
  • Every function is carried out at the touch of a button


  • It comes with a high price that might be unaffordable for some people
  • Cleaning and maintaining might become difficult for some people


The PicoBaristo is available in two colors – Piano Black and Stainless Steel, which make the PicoBaristo look classy and elegant. Moreover, the general color schemes make it look exquisite on the kitchen counter.

The display makes it extremely easy to navigate the machine’s features. The espresso machine features 12 backlit buttons, which are just a touch away from making your desired coffee.

PicoBaristo comes with an AquaClean filter to ensure that the coffee that you make for yourself is of the highest quality. According to the company, the filter can withstand the use of up to 5000 cups, which is rather impressive.

In addition, the espresso machine throws a sign on its display indicating it’s time to change the AquaClean filter.

Buyer’s guide

Several coffee machines have surfaced in recent years. So many coffee-making machines offer the same features, build quality, design, and functions. In the end, the customer is left overwhelmed and lost at sea.

Therefore, to make things a little easier for you, I will briefly explain some factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Firstly, you should take into account the price of the machines. For many, the price may be the biggest deciding factor before buying a coffee machine.

More importantly, it is advised to go against too-cheap coffee-making machines, no matter how attractive and appealing their features are. Neither should you go over your budget for a coffee machine. Choose the appliance that fits your needs and is within your budget.

Similarly, make sure to go through the customer reviews, which can alert you of any possible drawback(s) of the machine that you may dislike. Also, customer reviews represent experiences that people have had in the past.


We have been seeing – and will continue to see – constant innovation in the coffee world. The improvements and innovations in machines (and methods) have brought some of the most impressive machinery before us. These machines help simplify making coffee and provide you with some of the most high-quality coffees in the comfort of your home.

The manufacturing processes put into these machines have gone through thorough research. Therefore, these easy-to-use machines have made making espresso an effortless task.

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