Single Dose Grinder vs Hopper

When brewing your espresso, you expect a fine and consistent grind from your machine.

However, we all know that a grinder is the most important piece of equipment you should own, as a coffee lover.


A coffee grinding machine determines the quality and taste of your coffee.

There are several coffee grinders that are currently sold in the market. Some are cheap while others are on the expensive side. In addition, some are digitized while others are still operated manually.

Single Dose Grinder vs Hopper

Single dose grinderSingle dose hopper
It is designed to brew single but multiple types of coffeeIt is designed to brew single, multiple, and huge amounts of coffee
It has an airtight container to preserve the freshness of your coffeeIt has a transparent and external hopper to store coffee beans
It allows individuals to switch different types of coffee anytimeIt is best for single and consistent coffee types
It has a low retention rateIt has a slightly higher retention rate

These grinders also have different distinguishing features that make each machine unique.

Before you make that purchase decision, it is important to read about these machines for sound decision-making.

By the end of this article, we will address the following concerns for you:

  • What is a single dose espresso grinder?
  • Features of a single dose espresso grinder
  • Benefits of an espresso grinder
  • What is a single dose hopper?
  • Features of a single dose hopper
  • Benefits of a single dose hopper
  • And much more!

Let’s get started!

What is single dosing?

Single dosing is a coffee grinding technique that is currently popular among all coffee lovers.

The technique allows you to brew an exact amount of coffee beans for your consumption using a dedicated grinder for the purpose.

It uses an advanced coffee machine, called the single dose espresso grinder.

What is a single dose espresso grinder?

A single dose grinder is a modern coffee brewing machine for most home baristas.

A single dose grinder allows you to grind the exact amount of coffee you want to drink, just before you brew it.

Recent studies reveal that yearly, most coffee consumers waste 6 million tonnes of coffee due to poor machines.

However, with a single dose coffee grinder, you minimize coffee wastage, and thus, you save an extra amount of money on your coffee budget.

A single dose grinder contains digital features like timed grinding, which assist you to dispense an appropriate dose of coffee for your consumption with friends, and even family.

Lastly, with a single dose espresso grinder, you measure the quantity of coffee beans that you need at that particular moment, unlike a single dose hopper grinder, which we shall review later in the article.

Features of a single dose espresso grinder

  • It has a single dose design to help you measure an accurate amount of coffee beans before you add them to the grinder.
  • It is equipped with modern burrs that allow you to enjoy a quality and consistent grind.
  • It is insulated to give you quiet grinds. However, it depends on the manufacturer. Some single dose grinders can make a lot of noise.
  • Most single dose grinders have adjustable grind settings to enable users to adjust the perfect texture for a tasty espresso.

Benefits of a single dose espresso grinder

Users can switch beans

If you love consuming a variety of espresso blends from your roaster, a single dose grinder should be your perfect alternative.

The grinder allows you to switch beans and grind your perfect coffee effortlessly, anytime.

You do not need to empty its hopper so that you can add your preferred coffee beans.

You can drink a variety of coffee tastes, depending on the blend that strikes your mood.

Fresh Grinds

One of the most important benefits of using a single dose grinder is that it gives you the best and most fresh coffee.

The grinder has airtight and flat burrs that maintain the freshness of your beans by retaining their aroma and flavor.

These burrs ensure that your coffee particles are distributed evenly, allowing you to extract pure coffee.

However, if you leave the beans in your single dose grinder for a few days, they will lose their original taste.

Remember to use fresh coffee beans to enjoy a tasty coffee drink.

It gives a consistent flavor

When using a single dose coffee grinder, you have to measure the amount of coffee beans to grind.

This is different from other manual grinders, where you have to guess the amount of coffee to grind.

When you measure the amount of coffee beans to grind, you enjoy a consistent espresso taste.

We all know that even the smallest adjustments when grinding coffee beans can affect the taste of your espresso.

Single dosing makes sure you enjoy a consistent blend and taste of coffee every time.

Grind retention

When you measure 20g of coffee, you expect a similar amount of grind in your brewer.

However, the same does not happen with some coffee grinding machines. For example, you may get 18 g out of 20g.

In such a situation, the problem is your grinder. Some machines retain ground coffee on the walls of the grinder.

But a single dose grinder has low coffee retention rates, allowing you to enjoy the exact amount of coffee you measured.

Have in mind however that no machine is 100% effective. Expect a small deviation of about 0.5g-2g.

If you want to overcome such a situation, you can add extra coffee beans to cover up the remaining coffee.

How to single dose coffee using a single dose grinder

Now that you know about single dosing and the single dose grinder, you need to know how to single dose your coffee grains.

Currently, studies reveal that most coffee lovers are still using their standard grinders for single dosing.

While using a standard grinder can give excellent results, using a dedicated grinder gives excellent results.

Here are the steps you should take to single dose your coffee beans:

  • Use the lid of your machine to scoop the quantity of beans to grind
  • Now place the lid on a measuring scale to measure the quantity you need at that particular moment.
  • Pour the grains into the grinders’ hopper and start the machine.
  • Collect your ground coffee in a brewer and enjoy your espresso.

A Single Dose Hopper

Single Dose Grinder vs Hopper

What is a single dose hopper?

A single dose hopper is an alternative coffee grinding machine with an external conical hopper.

There are different sizes of hoppers for every machine and they are used to grind large amounts of coffee beans.

If you have a family for example, you should opt for a single dose hopper.

With a single dose hopper, you can store your coffee beans in the hopper and grind anytime you want to drink your espresso.

You do not need to empty the hopper or add fresh beans each and every time, like a single dose grinder.

The best single dose hopper does not affect the taste of your coffee beans. It preserves and maintains their flavor and aroma for a lengthy period, like 2-5 days.

Hoppers can be replaced because they are external parts of a coffee grinding machine.

What is unique about hoppers is that they are durable and long-lasting.

You can also grind large amounts of coffee beans anytime because the hopper is specifically manufactured to store your coffee beans.

A single dose hopper is compatible with several coffee grinders sold in the market.

Features of a single dose hopper grinder

  • It has an external and replaceable hopper. Therefore, you can replace the hopper if the current one is damaged.
  • It has an adjustable grinder to allow you to select the perfect texture of your coffee beans.
  • It has a clear hopper to assist you to monitor the amount of coffee beans you consume.

Benefits of a single dose hopper

  • It is affordable, unlike the single dose grinder.
  • It is economical if you love a consistent taste of coffee. In other terms, it is the best option for those who consume a particular blend of coffee beans.
  • It saves time because once you fill the hopper with the beans, you can consume your coffee anytime for a longer period.
  • It has a low retention rate to give you a nice and perfect espresso. For consistency, you only need to add some more beans to the grinders’ hopper.
  • You do not need to weigh the amount of beans in the hopper. This type of grinder gives you the flexibility you need because you only need to add more beans when they have reduced in the hopper.
  • You can empty the hopper and enjoy various varieties of coffee in large amounts.
  • It preserves the freshness of your coffee because the beans are stored in a different external container from the grinder.
  • A hopper is compatible with multiple grinders, unlike a single dose grinder which is only customized to one coffee grinding machine. This means that the cost of maintaining a single dose hopper is cheap than that of its counterpart.
  • You can enjoy different blends of coffee with friends and family using a single dose hopper. It works effectively for the large-scale production of coffee.
  • It has enough capacity to store up to 6og of coffee beans.

Wrap up

Investing in a quality coffee machine is the first step if you want to enjoy a quality espresso.

We have just looked at the basics you need to know before you decide between a single dose espresso grinder vs. a single dose hopper.

Each grinder has its distinguishing features including dosing options, grind settings, and so forth.

At the end of the day, what you need is a tasty espresso blend for your enjoyment since coffee is life.

However, you should know that the perfect coffee machine does not exist. Each machine has features that make it different from the other.

In addition, manufacturers are continuously inventing new coffee machines with new features in the market.

Depending on your coffee-drinking habits, research and find out the best grinder that satisfies your demands.

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