Aeropress vs Nanopresso

Whether you’re passionate about coffee, or just looking to nail that next cup outdoor on a beautiful day, your choice of Aeropress vs Nanopresso matters. Afterall, coffee making shouldn’t be a chore. It should give you pure joy. Plain and simple.

So, which one is better for you?

Aeropress vs Nanopresso key Differences

Both are compact and portable, but they produce different types of coffee. Nanopresso is an espresso maker while Aeropress is a manual press that uses rapid, total immersion to create both coffee and Espresso- though not true Espresso. There’s a catch…

See, in order to prepare espresso, the pressure needs to be anywhere between 7-10 Bar, which is something the aeropress design simply cannot deliver.

This however, doesn’t take anything away from the effectiveness of this robust contraption, afterall, Aeropress has gained enough popularity to make it a true must-have for every coffee enthusiast.

Aeropress vs NanopressoAeropress vs NanopressoAeropress vs Nanopresso
Pressure ranges between 0.35 – 0.70 barThe maximum pressure is 18 bar (261 psi)
Approximately 250 ml, Coffee and water are mixed then stirred together in the chamber.The water chamber has a Capacity of 80 ml, The Coffee Grounds are put inside a separate compartment with a capacity of 8 g.
Extremely versatile with the type of coffee you want to make. And has the ability to produce a strong concentrate that can be diluted to multiply your servings. You can check my full Aeropress guide here. Produces espresso using coffee grounds or pods (if you use the Nespresso pod adapter). It has a built-in pressurizing system that can be turned off.
The grind size is closer to espresso grind, just a tad bit coarser. Fine espresso grind Size for the best extraction
The taste is consistent and ranges from good to “Best ever”. It’s really hard to go wrong with the Aeropress, making it beginner friendly.It’s a learning curve, Using the pods is a good way to start if you’re coffee taste weird and you don’t want the headache of figuring it out. The grind size is an important parameter that strongly affects the final result.
The Aeropress whole package including the filter holder, a pack of 350 filters, the scoop, stirrer, and funnel Weigh about 369 g (0.81 lb)Weight is 336 g (0.74 lb), it has a solid and sturdy feel, with a stylish looking design.
Maintenance: Dishwasher safe, and easy to clean.Maintenance: Parts of it are dishwasher safe according to the manual. A bit tricky to clean, although different components can be separated.
Pricing: Affordable.
Check the Latest Price on Amazon for the standard Aeropress and the Aeropress go (Travel Aeropress) .
Pricing: On the expensive side.
Check the Nanopresso maker, and the Wacaco accessory for pods latest prices on Amazon.
Aeropress vs Nanopresso key differences

Nanopresso vs Aeropress – Which One To Get?

If you fancy an espresso shot on the go with crema on top, Nanopresso comes in super handy, and will definitely deliver a decent espresso shot.

But for a strong cup of joe that will satisfy your appetite, Aeropress will definitely do the trick.

Both of these machines are helpful and I would recommend you grab either, considering what you are going to use it for – coffee or espresso.

That said, being the coffee snob I am, I cannot recommend the Aeropress enough. Getting an Aeropress is simply a great idea for someone who wants to make that delicious, full bodied, and healthy cup of coffee.

The third option is to get both, if you can afford that, by all means; The coffee experience is just so adventurous not to delve deeper into all the possibilities… in an enjoyable way.

No matter what your choice is, and although It’s exciting to own a good coffee-making device, it can be easy to mess up your coffee and start complaining about the machine. But after finding a technique that you like, try sticking to it as you experiment with other procedures.

Does Aeropress make Espresso?

Not really, since creating an Espresso demands a lot of pressure (Between 7-10 bar) which the Aeropress design cannot offer. This difference in pressure-demand is what makes Aeropress fall short of that role.

In a nutshell, Aeropress cannot create an authentic Espresso that will make its lovers happy. However, not all hope is lost yet; there’s still another way to make an espresso using an Aeropress.

You can opt for making Aeropress Espresso- which is not a true espresso in the theoretical sense of things, but it gives an excellent espresso-like scent that most individuals crave.

You only need boiling water and finely ground coffee to prepare this at home. And while It won’t have crema on top like true Espresso, the taste will be excellent if you do it right.

Espresso is a complex beverage to create, and at times, it can be frustrating if you’re not a professional. It’s concentrated and has multiple flavors; hence easy to mess up.

However, as you can see, many coffee aficionados can make Espresso without much straining nor the hassle of getting a different device. An Aeropress will do just fine!

Why Do People Love Aeropress So much?

  1. It’s super versatile, allowing you to prepare multiple types of coffee, hot and cold.
  2. It isn’t expensive, yet it delivers a sweet cup of coffee that is well worth the cost, combining a rich coffee taste, and a smooth body with less acidity.
  3. It’s easy to carry around because it’s lightweight and convenient for travelers.
  4. It’s easy to clean compared to other complex coffee brewers
  5. The aeropress espresso is also a unique drink popular among coffee enthusiasts. Allowing you to make multiple Espresso-based drinks.

Is Nanopresso Worth The Price?

It’s worth owning one if you are a constant camper who loves Espresso. This is one of the most reliable portable espresso makers a caffeine enthusiast can own.

Although it’s a fascinating machine, it’s limited to only a small number of individuals since it cannot create coffee for a group of people.

Making coffee for a family would demand having another more significant device to allow the whole family to enjoy a sweet brew.

No matter the limitations, The Nanopresso makes great coffee on the go, with little time and effort. The price is steep, but if you can afford a good coffee maker, it will be money well spent.

Nanopresso vs Minipresso?

Nanopresso is an upgraded version of the Minipresso. It is better than minipresso when you need a long term solution for making a smooth cup of coffee when camping out.

Nanopresso is also lightweight – hence easy to carry around during camping time.

When you are stuck on choosing between Nanopreaso and Minipresso and are in a dilemma on which one to buy, always go for Nanopresso since it’s non-electric and lightweight, making it an affordable and convenient machine for commuters.

Is Aeropress Better than Moka pot?

With all the its excellent features, the Moka pot is a no match for Aeropress when you need a good coffee. Aeropress is compact and lightweight. It also offers an easy way of making a robust tasty coffee. Nonetheless, you can choose the Moka pot when you’re interested in making Espresso.

Moka is a stovetop Espresso maker named after Mocha city; it’s another fascinating espresso brewer that is more popular in Italy and America—following its invention by Italian scientists. This machine makes excellent Espresso and demands fewer human resources to operate.

If you’re interested in delving into the Moka Pot espresso making experience, In this guide, I’ve listed the Best Moka Pot Available in the market this year.

You need to pass hot water through finely-ground coffee to obtain the flavor needed via steam; that’s all it takes to make an espresso using this machine. However, take caution not to burn your coffee since it can be difficult to tell when your coffee is ready.

However, once the bubbling stops- your coffee should be ready and demands you take it out.

Aeropress vs Chemex?

No matter the setup or the environment, brewing coffee is like having fun, and it’s something I enjoy a lot. However, for a home-based coffee brewing, I prefer using Chemex.

It’s suited primarily for the kitchen because of its weight. It isn’t easy to transport Chemex around compared to Aeropress or Nanopresso.

On the other hand, Aeropress is lighter and easier to carry around. It’s used mainly by coffee lovers who are on the go because they can carry it in their bag to any place.

Aeropress allows one to make coffee anywhere, but Chemex is a good coffee brewer that is suitable for stationary use only.

Recommended Manual Coffee Makers?

Making coffee without spending a dollar is an exciting thing anyone would wish to. Have you ever thought of preparing your own coffee? With Aeropress and Pour Over devices, one can now brew their own coffee without the pressure to spend money.

These two fascinating devices use the same principles, but the pour-over has an automated drip.

To begin brewing coffee Manually, hot water, coffee, filter paper, and a mug are the only requirements.

Aeropress vs French Press?

These two devices are almost of the same style and design but work differently, using different principles. However, their design has few variations that help differentiate the two in terms of quality. The french press is made of glass and metal.

The aeropress is highly durable, so you do not have to worry about replacing the carafe from time to time.

Both devices brew a fresh, satisfying coffee but with some minor differences in flavor and aroma.


Indeed, deciding on getting a Nanopresso vs Aeropress highly depends on what you intend to do, afterall, these are two entirely different coffee makers that deliver separate types of coffee , and the only thing they have in common is the fact that they’re travel friendly.

I’ve had an Aeropress for a while now and the result has been excellent. My family loves morning coffee and it’s become our daily routine to have a smooth cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter if we’re camping or at home.

A Nanopresso is also lightweight and absolutely perfect – as long as you love good espresso! A Nanopresso creates drinks and foams milk, making it essential for all espresso fans.

In short, both Nanopresso and Aeropress are Important brewing machines that any caffeine addict should consider owning.

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