best electric kettle for french press coffee

5 Best Electric Kettle for French Press Coffee in 2022

On a productive morning, there’s nothing quite appealing as a good cup of French press coffee. It’s that little thing that starts the day off right for many people (Me included).

Since you’re in a quest to find the best kettle for your french press, probs to you! You already understand the importance of this little contraption in making or breaking your tasty cuppa.

Now, if you’re in a rush, here I have picked up the top choices as well as the best option for those on a budget.

? Best Overall: Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp (Latest price on Amazon)

? Best for the Money: Miroco Stainless Steel Electric Kettle (Latest price on Amazon)

Keep reading to find out more as I’m going to go into details about the features, pros and cons, and what people think about each of the listed best electric kettles.

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Best Electric Kettle for French Press Coffee

The following electric kettles are some of the top-rated products on Amazon. Each is well worth the money it costs and is guaranteed to help you make a great cup of coffee every time.

1. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

Cuisinart’s PerfecTemp electric kettle is a stainless steel cordless unit that operates at 1,500 watts. It has a 1-2/3-liter water capacity and a heating element that is completely sealed for both safety and appearance.

It has six preset heat settings that can be operated via the one-touch control panel found on the kettle’s handle. Also on the handle is a handy control panel that features blue LED indicator lights, an “on/off” button, and a “keep warm” button that maintains the set temperature for up to 30 minutes.

The handle is equipped with stay-cool and non-slip technologies, as well as a blue back-lit screen that showcases the water level inside the kettle’s reservoir. The filter is both scalable and removable, making for easy and thorough cleaning.

Other features of this kettle include boil dry protection, which is designed to prevent the kettle from attempting to boil water when there is none in the reservoir, and the memory feature. The memory feature is especially impressive, as it allows the kettle to be left off the base for 2 minutes without kicking into standby mode.

Going alongside the memory feature is sleep mode. Sleep mode is an automatic process that kicks in after 5 minutes of inactivity. While the kettle is in sleep mode its lights and heat turn off, but the previous selections the user made remain in the system’s internal memory for later use.

Let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons…


• 1,500 watts of heating power

• 360-degree swivel

• Includes boil-Dry protection

• Easy-open lid

• Convenient one-touch control panel

• Removable filter for easy cleaning


• Limited warranty

• base Control panels buttons are not backlit.

• Costly compared to other kettles

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? What People Are Saying:

Customers who have purchased the PerfecTemp complimented its preset temperature settings and durable construction. Many reviews mention the nearly silent operation as a major bonus of the product because it allows them to get started with their daily activities without disturbing anyone else.

Many reviewers report that the PerfecTemp is their new favorite model of the electric kettle – for French press coffee, tea, and many other household and kitchen uses.

On the other hand, there is a handful of people who disapprove of the warranty offered by the company. Some reviewers also dislike the fact that the lettering on the control panel buttons seems to wear off rather quickly.

2. Miroco Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

The Miroco stainless steel electric kettle is an affordable, high-quality option for anyone using their kettle on a frequent basis. It is made of black-coated, food-grade stainless steel, making it easy to clean and sanitize, and holds 1.5-liters of water. It is scratch-resistant.
The kettle operates at a rate of 1,500 watts and features a double-wall design that works to protect the users from burns while maintaining a high temperature inside the kettle’s reservoir.

The spout of the kettle is designed to be incredibly easy to refill, as well as to pour water into mugs, as it is extra wide. This extra-wide spout also means that cleaning the inside of the kettle is a breeze; brushes and handheld scrubbing can fit inside the spout with ease, reaching every corner of internal space.

When it comes to special features, the kettle isn’t lacking. It comes equipped with an auto shut-off feature that prevents it from boiling without an adequate amount of water and shuts the system off after a certain period of non-use.

So, let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons…


• Cool-touch exterior for ultimate safety

• Equipped with an auto-shutoff feature

• Quick heating and boiling (6-7 minutes)

• Sleek, modern style

• LED indicator lights

• Double-wall construction


• Limited warranty

• base Control panels buttons are not backlit.

• Costly compared to other kettles

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? What People Are Saying:

The first thing that many happy customers report about this kettle is, of course, its highly affordable price tag. In addition, customers also report that the kettle is quiet and reliable, with many claiming that it’s “one of the quietest kettles” they have ever owned.

Health-conscious customers praise the seamless, one-piece build of the internal surface since it doesn’t have crevices in which to trap bacteria.

The downside of the kettle is that it lacks very convenient preset heat settings and a way to monitor water levels without opening the lid. The kettle also needs to be filled below the max fill line or it boils over and out of the spout, which is inconvenient.

3. Pukomc Electric Water Kettle

With a truly unique appearance and slim body, the Pukomc electric water kettle is a great option as well. It’s crafted from food-grade stainless steel and plastic that is BPA-free for safe contact with water.

The kettle can hold up to 1.8-liters of water, giving you plenty of hot, French-press-ready water when you need it.

It has an independent lid and circular spout, as well as a curved handle that fits nicely into the palm of the hand. The spout has a 45-degree angle that makes pouring easy.

When on and running at its standard 1,500 watts, it features a bright blue indicator light. The kettle’s base can swivel 360 degrees while the kettle itself is completely cordless, reducing the hassle of managing a long cord and hot kettle without burning yourself.

The temperature of the water can be monitored and adjusted using the frontally located, clock-like dial and temperature gauge. In addition, this cute kettle features auto-off technology with dry burn protection that protects the kettle from boiling dry.

So, let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons…


• Auto-off and dry burn technology

• Easy-pour, 45-degree spout

• 360-degree swivel base

• Cordless design

• 1.8-liter water capacity


• Noisy when in use

• Instructions are not in English

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? What People Are Saying:

Customers report enjoying the way the kettle looks in their kitchen. With its rose-gold accents, curbed handle, and modern style, it’s somehow both vintage and modern – perfect for almost any kitchen.

They also report loving how quickly the kettle warms up and how easy it is to adjust the temperature settings. Another great quality of the kettle is that it holds a lot of water; in fact, there are a ton of reviews claiming that the kettle holds enough to fill an extra-large mug.

One drawback though, is that the instructions for the kettle are not in English and that the rose-gold accents are merely a sticker and not real metal.

4. Bodum Gooseneck Water Kettle

The Bodum gooseneck kettle, as its name suggests, resembles the shape of a gooseneck. Its long, goose-like spout is ideal for pouring into small cups and great for controlling water flow.

This kettle is made entirely from stainless steel and features cork accents on the lid and handle, making these areas easy to grip and hold onto. It’s a cordless kettle that sits on a sturdy base with an on/off switch and a handy indicator light that shows whether the device is on or off.

Alright, let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons…


• Extra-long spout for easy pouring

• Made of durable stainless steel

• LED indicator lights

• automatic shut-off technology


• Loose-fitting lid

• Does not sit flush on base

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? What People Are Saying:

Customers praise this kettle for being both attractive and functional. Reviews complimented the kettle’s quick heat-up time and sleek exterior design. Its stainless-steel build is also a hot topic of conversation, as its handy cork handle.

When it comes o drawbacks, however, people reported some leakage issues and problems with the lid rattling when the water is boiling as it doesn’t sit properly on the top of the kettle. Customers also claim that they must use household objects to hold the lid in place.

5. Viante Electric Glass Kettle

The company behind this kettle knows how important hot water is — that’s why they’ve created a kettle that comes with a range of preset heat settings. These settings can be used for anything from French press coffee to tea to oatmeal.

In addition to these settings, the kettle also comes equipped with a ‘keep warm’ setting that keeps your water warm for up to 30 minutes after brewing is complete.

The kettle is made of shock and heat resistant, BPA-free glass that is easy to clean. The body and base are made of durable stainless steel, while the inside of the lid is composed of BPA-free plastic.

Each button on the kettle is backlit with blue LEDs and, as a bonus, the kettle comes with a removable tea steeper just in case you want to have a cup of tea in between cups of coffee.

This steeper is made using a basket-like construction that works to disperse the flavors of the tea evenly throughout your water.

Alright, let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons…


• Removable tea steeper

• 4 preset heat settings to choose from

• Made of BPA-free materials

•LED-backlit buttons

•Handy ‘Keep Warm’ feature


•Hard to remove tea steeping basket

• Does not sit flush on base

⏳? Check the latest price on ? Amazon.

? What People Are Saying:

Customers who have purchased this kettle frequently report how happy they are to have it. They say that its quick heating ability and appealing exterior make it a top contender – even against more expensive luxury brands.

They also claim that the various water temperature settings are perfect, as there seems to be a setting that fits every possible need. According to hot drink enthusiasts, this kettle is everything they’ve hoped for”.

There are a few complaints about the kettle breaking after the use of the ‘fast boil’ feature.
A few customers also mention that the included tea steeper column is hard to clean, with tea leaves getting stuck in the basket. And that the basket itself is quite hard to remove.

Final Thoughts,

the right electric kettle is almost as crucial as good coffee grounds. So, next time you’re in the market for a new electric kettle to use with your French press, consider the ones I’ve mentioned above. Each one is durable, high-quality, and made to get the job done.

So, the question remains: Which kettle will you choose? Does the sleek style of the Bodum call out to you more or is the voice of the Cuisinart louder? Let me know what you think!

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