Black Rifle Coffee vs Caveman Coffee

Coffee is and has been the go-to of many of us for years. However, as more and more coffee brands enter the market, the consumers are bombarded with many questions.

What do I choose?

What’s the best fit for me?

The recent going-public of The Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) has raised a few debates among us coffee lovers. Will this brand give a tough time to one of the most ethical coffee-making brands (Caveman Coffees)?

Let’s take a look and find out what’s what.

Black Rifle Coffee vs Caveman Coffee – Key Differences

Both brands make wonderful coffees and offer a range of coffee products specifically tailored to your needs. Nonetheless, they are very different brands with different values and missions.

The Black Rifle Coffee is a company led by veterans dedicated to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. Mostly, the BRCC intends to market the American patriots.

Meanwhile, Caveman Coffees portrays itself as an ethical brand using its plump, hand-picked South American cocoa beans to ensure maximum quality. The Caveman coffees aim to market to the broader general public.

Many of us would believe that because of such corporate differences, both the companies have different fanbases, but we’d be wrong. Not them, but their coffees are what make them different.

Black Rifle Coffee vs Caveman Coffee – Which One to Get?

Black Rifle Coffee (heavy user)

If you’re looking for a really strong coffee that will keep you up and about the day, the Black Rifle Coffees’ Caffeinated As F*ck (CAF) will do the job.

Owned by a military veteran with a prime objective to provide the nation with premium quality coffee blends, the brand imports its high-quality coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia.

The Black Rifle Coffee is for those who prefer their coffees to be very strong and bold. It packs twice as much caffeine as regular coffee (200mg). So if you have a very strenuous day ahead of you and want your 100% throughout the day, this coffee will keep you fueled up for sure!

There may be a little compromise in the taste department, though. The CAF consists of 100% Robusta beans, which is the reason behind its insane amount of caffeine.

This is also somewhat similar to many other BRCC coffees. They may keep you charged up all day long, but it comes at a price.

Caveman Coffee (light users)

If you’re looking for a sturdy, satiating flavor in your coffee, the Caveman Coffees are your answer. All of these coffees are super tasty and very light. Their boldness is what defines them.

The Caveman Coffees are for those who prefer light, smooth, and well-balanced coffees. Many coffee-lovers regard sweetness as their most important factor when choosing a coffee. You’d be happy to know that these coffees have little to no bitterness to them.

Which One to Get?

So, it depends on the type of person you are. If you have a knack for detail and can taste the tiniest differences, then without a doubt go for the Caveman Coffees. However, if your day requires more effort and energy, the Black Rifle Coffees are your go-to.

Like all law enforcement officers & soldiers, these coffees will keep you amped up throughout the day.

Black Rifle Coffee vs. Caveman Coffee – Pros and Cons

Black Rifle Coffees


  • They have a strong aroma which can lighten the mood and prove comforting.
  • Strong and bold taste.
  • They have a very long-lasting finish indicating the high quality of beans.
  • Available in both, ground beans and whole beans.
  • Good for sleep deprivation.
  • Supports veterans.
  • Premium quality blends.


  • Bland & flavorless taste because of the amount of caffeine in them.
  • Expensive than other regular coffees like Folgers, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks.
  • Users may face health issues, due to strong stimulants, in the form of stomach aches, dizziness, and dehydration.

Caveman Coffees


  • Not only are the flavors strong and subtle, but they have a richness to them without being overly acidic.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Athletic background.
  • Organic.
  • It is an ethical brand with an astute focus on sustainability.
  • Informational website.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Discounted offers.
  • Because of less strong stimulants, it’s easy on the stomach.


  • The coffees are over-priced.
  • Many users have reported the beans not being fresh & too dried out.
  • Not many customer testimonials.

Is the Black Rifle Coffee Worth the Hype?

It is the duty of law enforcement officers and army soldiers to protect and serve this country at all costs. The BRCC intends to do the same. By making coffee, they strive to ‘serve the people. This is why Black Rifle Coffees are advertised as ‘America’s Coffee.’

While this company may be built on its conservative values, it is important to know that without these values, their coffee is just like any other regular coffee but quite overpriced and very strong.

Its effective media marketing has made users judge its coffees based on their conservative values rather than the actual coffee.

This is why you’d find most of its reviews to be positive. While it’s good to support our veterans and encourage our Law Enforcement Officers, we should know that the taste of a coffee should never be judged based on a company’s political views.

Us coffee lovers should perceive this brand just like any other brand but which makes expensive, strong, and dark coffees.

Black Rifle Coffee vs. Death Wish Coffee

As the name suggests, the Death Wish Coffee falls in some of the darkest ground coffees ever. You’d think this coffee is undrinkable due to the insane amount of caffeine, but you’d be wrong. Its smooth and somewhat sweet flavor means that it is very much drinkable. However, it’s the after-effects that would shock you… literally.

Besides making your day less nerve-racking, it will also make you feel as active as quicksilver and as fresh as a daisy. It’s like rocket fuel for the human body.

Black Rifle Coffee vs. Death Wish Coffee Caffeine Content

A black rifle coffee cup has about 200mg of caffeine. By comparison, a Death Wish Coffee cup consists of more than 650 mg of caffeine. They should name it ‘Immortal Sleep’ rather than Death Wish because of that crazy caffeine amount!

Both coffees have almost similar prices with smooth and fantastic tastes. Both do a similar job but with different intensities. However, one offers higher than normal caffeine and can put your caffeine tolerance level to the test.

Are you willing to risk more caffeine (and health) for more energy? That’s for you to find out.

Caveman Coffee vs. Bulletproof Coffee

The Bulletproof coffee – also referred to as ‘Butter Coffee’ or ‘Keto Coffee’ – uses grass-fed butter and MCT oil to make one of the healthiest coffees ever.

Though the Bulletproof coffee may not be as healthier as a Caveman coffee, it can play an important part in helping you lose weight.

Since the Bulletproof coffee contains butter, it can overshadow the amount of caffeine available. So, you’d be getting less energy-rise for the day than the Caveman coffees, which, on the other hand, do not include butter.

Bulletproof coffees are popular among people who follow a ketogenic diet or those who suffer from food addiction. This coffee is what you might be looking for in people suffering from a feed-me-now food addiction (including me).

However, being a good source of regulating weight loss, you should not replace it with your breakfast. Instead, you’d be replacing your nutrient-rich breakfast with high-saturated fat coffee. This may increase the possibility of having adverse effects on your health.

Therefore, it’s recommended that before drinking this beverage, you should have a decent breakfast; otherwise, your cholesterol levels may shoot up to the sky.

Which One to Go for?

The Caveman coffees have various products, including light roast, medium roast, dark roast, and nitro cold brew coffee. This makes it very easier for us to choose what’s best for us as we all have different coffee needs.

Moreover, it is healthier than the Bulletproof Coffee and meets your caffeine needs to get your motor running in the morning.

Plus, the Bulletproof Coffee is a bit on the expensive side; you’d be saving yourself a couple of bucks! This is why I’d recommend the Caveman over Bulletproof any day.

Final Thoughts

The Black Rifle Coffee and the Caveman Coffees are for people with different needs. Not everyone has the same coffee needs. Some prefer their coffee dark, while other prefer it on the lighter side. However, both coffees are good in their respective ways.

For quite a while now, my family and I have been using Black Rifle Coffees, specifically Caffeinated As F*ck (CAF). As a result, we see a rise in our energy levels with increased focus and satiety with each passing day. It might not be the best coffee globally, but it has played an important role in our lives.

However, this does not undermine the importance of keeping a bag of Caveman Coffees in your cabinets. If you fancy a light and rich coffee on a rainy day, there’s no better than a sweet Caveman’s Coffee.


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