Kion Coffee vs Bulletproof coffee

As the coffee world keeps on progressing, we get to witness newer and newer flavors every day. From smoky, woody flavors to sweet, caramel-like flavors, the list goes on and on, not that we’re complaining.

Among these flavors and types, there is Bulletproof coffee. Undeniably, Bulletproof coffee has raised the bar for healthier, high calorie (low carb) coffees which makes it popular among people who follow a Ketogenic diet.

Kion Coffee vs Bulletproof

This is because the carbohydrates in bulletproof coffee are approximately 0%. These coffees not only taste good but are said to boost your metabolism. Which –surprisingly – is true.

Kion Coffee, on the other hand, was developed after thorough research to improve the health of its consumers and give them a strong yet smooth dose of energy.

Kion Coffee vs BulletproofKion Coffee vs Bulletproof

The green beans that are used in Kion coffee are said to be among the top 3% of the world’s coffees.

Thus, the company’s main focus and research on the health of people that take Kion coffee is the reason it is particularly admired by people.

Kion Coffee vs Bulletproof – Key Differences

The main difference is taste; Bulletproof coffee and Kion are made from different green beans using distinct roasting methods, additionally, bulletproof coffee contains butter and MCT oil whereas Kion doesn’t.

In fact, Bulletproof coffee is a high-calorie drink mainly because of the number of ingredients it usually includes. You gain approximately 137 calories per 100ml of coffee consumed. 

When compared to Kion coffee, Bulletproof coffee also has a higher amount of caffeine in it.

Pros and Cons

Kion Coffee vs BulletproofKion Coffee vs Bulletproof

Bulletproof Coffee Pros

One of the main advantages of Bulletproof coffee is its inclusion in a ketogenic diet. It is highly liked by people who are looking to lose weight without affecting their work and performance.

Bulletproof coffee has Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil added to it. The MCT oil has a medium-length chain of fats that are easily digested in comparison to other longer-chain fatty acids.

People add Bulletproof coffee to their ketogenic diet as it has no carbohydrates, but packs larger amounts of fats. The MCT oil is also converted into ketones – a chemical that breaks down fats. It offers you the energy that you need in the absence of carbohydrates.

The caffeine present in Bulletproof coffee helps to stay alert and focused, which helps in performing daily tasks more efficiently.  

Bulletproof Coffee Cons

Bulletproof coffee may have plentiful fats, yet a lot of other extremely important nutrients are missing. Therefore, replacing a healthy breakfast with Bulletproof coffee would drastically affect your nutrition.

This is because you’d be replacing a meal full of essential nutrients with a mere beverage.

The fats that are present in Bulletproof coffee are mostly saturated fats. These come with a downside of potential risks.

So, consuming large amounts of saturated fats can increase the cholesterol levels in your body and can increase the risk of a heart stroke. (Source: American Heart Association)

Kion Coffee Pros

Undoubtedly, Kion coffee is the result of extensive care and hygienic factors. Plus, a number of quality control processes were put in place to deliver the cleanest research-backed coffee to its consumers.

This is important for those who want peace of mind that the coffee they’re drinking is free of any cost-cuttings.   

Normally, coffee beans are said to contain a high amount of pesticide residue (Source). However, rest assured that Kion coffee beans aren’t sprayed with any sort of pesticides. Nor does Kion use artificial methods to boost production, which means that it is more than safe for consumption.

And if that wasn’t enough, the green beans for Kion coffee were selected after testing from all over the world which ensured the best taste for Kion coffee.

According to a study conducted on samples swept from the ground and floating coffee, 1/4 of all coffees tested presented mold contamination growing in them.

Now, these molds can result in a number of medical conditions for instance allergies or headaches. It is, therefore, a necessity to respect the storage conditions and rules when processing coffee.

The Kion coffees are said to be 100% mold-free because of their strict testing and storage.

Also, many users have reported the Kion coffee to be allergen safe. Because of the high level of testing and contamination safe processes, people did find it pure and also had lesser body reactions. However, there has not been enough research on this matter to draw a conclusion.

Kion Coffee Cons

However, the Kion coffees (the Latest price on Amazon) come at a somewhat hefty price tag. The Kion coffee has to go through quality control and several inspections which just add up to the overall costs. This means that it is comparatively more expensive than other coffees.

Secondly, many users have complained about the deteriorating quality and taste of the coffee over time.

Many (negative) reports have come forward regarding the coffee bags being old. Also, many users have felt the absence of roasting date printed on the coffee bags.

I don’t know about you, but for me that’s definitely a red flag regarding their customer service. Thus, there is a problem with customer service consistency.

There have also been complaints by customers about the bitterness of Kion coffee. This was followed by a bad stomach. Although this can be from the antioxidants in the coffee, it is most likely because of a bad or old bag of coffee.

Who Are They For & Who Should Buy Them

Who Should Buy the Bulletproof Coffee?

Thanks to MCT oil and butter, Bulletproof coffee is rich in healthy fats. Undoubtedly, it will help you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Now, this for someone like me, who has food cravings every 30 minutes or so, is important and extremely helpful for diet planning.

Moreover, for people who follow a strict ketogenic diet and are looking to lose weight, the bulletproof coffee is your answer.

You can easily go about your day without feeling hungry. However, that strictly does not mean replacing a healthy, nutritious breakfast with a single cup of coffee.

If you have finally decided to go with the Bulletproof coffee, then I’d strongly recommend having a light breakfast. Only then should you consume the coffee.

Failure in doing so will eventually result in energy depletion and prolonged tiredness throughout the day. You wouldn’t want to hallucinate at work…

Similarly, bulletproof coffee is said to provide ample energy and a strong feeling of alertness that helps perform important tasks effectively and efficiently.

So, if you are looking to lose some extra weight whilst also not compromising on the quality of work, then the Bulletproof coffee would work fine for you.

Who Should Buy Kion Coffee?

Kion Coffee is all praises when it comes to meeting quality standards, which is why it has the heart of many people. People have realized that if they are consuming something religiously, every day, it has to be top quality.

They want to avoid any long-term effects on their health. So, if you prefer quality over everything else, then there’s no better coffee for you other than Kion coffee.

Also, Kion coffees provide an unprecedented smooth boost of energy. It’s a type of energy that keeps one’s motor running all day, which is something that the customers really appreciate.

Kion coffee went through a lot of research before it was finally developed. Eventually, Kion coffee producers decided to increase the number of antioxidants present in the coffee. All this means that the coffee tastes really pure and clean.

Combine a clean and pure taste with effortless quality control systems and you’ve got yourself one of the best-tasting coffees. So, once someone starts, they just cling on to it. If you want to keep your health in check, and are concerned about the type of nutrients you are consuming, the Kion coffee is for you.


Dave Asprey started to research adding butter to coffee in 2009 when he wrote about buttered coffee in his blog. By 2011, Asprey introduced Bulletproof coffee made with three main ingredients – coffee, butter, and MCT oil (more on that later).

This was because of the three main principles that Asprey followed; eat foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs.

Kion coffee was founded by Ben Greenfield – a fitness expert with a number of fitness-related coaching centers – and Angelo Keely in 2017. The name Kion (pronounced Key-on), was influenced by the Japanese word “Ki” which means energy and vitality that cannot be defined.

The mission behind the development of Kion coffee was to provide the highest quality of coffee to the consumers which was obtained sustainably and naturally with minimum artificial processing.

How Is It Made?

A Bulletproof coffee comprises three main ingredients – Coffee, coconut-derived MCT oil, and grass-fed/unsalted butter or grass-fed ghee. Blend these (three) ingredients together and you have before yourself a tummy-happy Bulletproof coffee.

Also, it is suggested to the newcomers to start with smaller amounts of MCT oil and gradually increase their intake.

Since Kion coffee goes through so many processes of quality control, it provides the best-looking, uniform-sized coffee beans. Kion coffee beans can be ground to any size and brewed like any other coffee.

You’d be surprised to find the variety of different methods for brewing a Kion coffee on Kion’s official website. The methods include cold brews, pour-overs, French press, and Aeropress. You can even brew the Kion coffee on an espresso machine if you like.


There’s no denying the fact that both these coffees have set the bar for healthier coffees. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for us all.

We can have a strong and bold cup of coffee whilst also keeping our health in check.

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