Slayer vs Decent Espresso Machine

Today, we’ll be reviewing two very great, premium-priced espresso machines that money can buy. On the one hand, we’ve got the pinnacle of modern espresso machines. And, on the other hand, we’ve got a fantastic and equally capable piece of engineering. 

However, there is a small catch that separates them. A catch that can mean a ride-or-die situation for those deciding between these two machines. Keep on reading to find out why these machines should be worthy of your attention… or not.

Slayer vs Decent Espresso Machine

Before diving head-in into the pros and cons of the two espresso machines, it is important to get to know their features. After all, that is what defines and separates them from other espresso machines.

Features & Specifications

  Decent Espresso Machine (s) Slayer Espresso Machine (s)
● Costs between $3,500 to $4,300
(depending on the models you go for).
● Costs between $9,000 to $10,000 (for the Slayer 1 Group Espresso.)
● Single two-liter water reservoir.● 2 boilers with a 1.1-liter water capacity.
● Fully automatic espresso machine.● Manual espresso machine.
● Weighs 13 kg.● Weighs 50 kgs.
● Temperature profiling.● Pre-installed PID.
● Real pressure reading modes.● Upgraded internal rotary vane pump
● Can produce up to 13 bars of pressure.● 3.3-litre steam boiler.
● Comes with a built-in, high res android
tablet with Bluetooth support and future software updates.
● Touch-capacitive touch screen menu with basic features.
● Flow profiling and pressure profiling.● Commercial 58mm portafilter.
● Water-mixing technology.● Latest and greatest heating system
● Pre-infusion end detection.● Patented single needle valve technology for better pre-infusion.
● Matte-finish stainless-steel design.● wood components and handles,
and stainless steel design.
● Comes with a suitcase for easy mobility.● Handcrafted
● High-energy dry steam. ● A hot water tap.
● Volumetric dosing for greater accuracy.● Independent brew tanks.
● Access to Decent Espresso forums.  ● Power-saving mode.
decent espresso vs slayer Key feature differences

Slayer vs. Decent Espresso Machine – Main Differences

· Price 

Let’s address the elephant in the room—the price. Even though the Decent espresso machine (s) are far more technologically superior to the Slayer machines, the Decent machines are still very cheap. You can have two decent machines for the price of the cheapest, entry-level Slayer machine. 

The price is the major difference between the two highly premium machines. Both do the same job, which is to brew high-profile coffees, yet a major price jump exists between the two. 

· Build Quality

Both the machines are made from top-notch, high-grade components, yet the Slayer machines absolutely slay the Decent’s build quality. All Slayers come with hand-crafted wooden components that are customizable.

Who would’ve thought there’s something even more stylish than the matte-finish stainless steel found in the Decent machines? 

Everything feels well-thought and well-integrated. Also, this might be the reason why the entry-level Slayer Single Group (or Group 1) weighs 50 kgs.

Remember, these are espresso machines we are talking about, not luxury cars.

· Size

Upon first glance, the main visible difference in the machines is their size. Because of their slim and petite design, the Decent machines take up considerably less room than the Slayer Espresso Group 1.

You can almost tell that the Slayer Single Group is made for commercial use even though it is marketed as commercial-grade equipment for households.

Slayer vs. Decent Espresso Machine – Pros and Cons

Decent Espresso Machine
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Decent Espresso Machine Pros

Built-in dedicated android tablet: We all knew this was long overdue. The tablet is one of the main highlights of the Decent machines. It monitors the pressure, temperature, and mixing speed through software and offers a plethora of profiles that you can choose from, including a Slayer shot!

Also, you receive a live interpretation of these variables in the form of graphs. To top it off, you can even save these records on the tablet for future reference, as well as compare them side-by-side. Also, for software geeks who like playing with tech and IT, you’re in luck. 

While graphs may be helpful for lab experiments, a cup of espresso is overkill. This shows how much the producers care about everyone’s espresso needs. 

Lightweight design: The Decent machines come in at 13 kgs which is insanely light for an espresso machine. For comparison, even a Monolith Max (a premium coffee grinder) is 2 kilos heavier than the Decent machines. 

Their lightweight design means that they are easy to carry around and portable. One user even explained the ease with which he could lift the machine with just two fingers. 

Brilliant after-sales service and online forums: Decent Espresso has an online private online community known as Decent Diaspora. The community consists of like-minded Decent machine owners and staff who provide an immediate response to any queries. 

The Decent Espresso company describes the internet as part of its DNA, making it easier for owners to share their experiences.

Not only that, but the owners can exchange their espresso profile graph records. How cool is that? No other manufacturer can come at par with the Decent Espresso’s customer service.

Decent Espresso Machine Cons

Very noisy: Surprisingly, the Decent machines sound cheap and noisy, which is a shame as the rest of its design is very futuristic-looking. Even a fifty-year-old Olympia Cremina has better sound insulation than a Decent DE1 Pro. 

Difficult to use: There’s a steep learning curve in all Decent espresso machines. The company has packed the tablet with features that can take ages to learn.

To unlock the Decent’s mystery, you must understand all its features and settings. Also, some people may not be tech-savvy and would prefer old-school knobs and buttons. 

Decent Espresso Machine
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 Slayer Espresso Machine Pros

Stunning design: All Slayers have the knack for sharing striking design philosophies. These eye-captivating machines show how serious Slayer Espresso is with its design language. You could tell that Slayers are worth their price just by looking at them. 

Moreover, all Slayers have customizable panel parts. If that doesn’t surprise you, how about the fact that you can customize these panels with glass. This way, you can really make your Slayer stand out from other Slayers as well as make you feel really special. 

Complete control over your coffee: There’s a reason why Slayer machines are known among professional baristas all over the world. Unlike the Decent espresso machine (s), the Slayer Group One does not provide an automatic android experience. Instead, they give you complete control over your coffee. 

Even they themselves claim to dislike automation. They believe that a machine should be fun to use and coffee should be made by hand. This says a lot about a company that values its customers more than anything.

Slayer Espresso Machine Cons

Cost: The entry-level Slayer costs around $10,000, and it goes all the way up to $28,000 for the Three Group commercial machines. For some, the price may be justifiable, but for many looking for a cup of espresso, other espresso machines can still do the job without eating two years’ worth of salaries. 

Big and heavy: The entry-level Slayer Espresso Machine weighs around 50 kilos. Even the shipping crate weighs a whopping 72 kilos. An espresso machine should be lightweight and compact, especially for the home. Lifting and installing the Slayers require at least two people. The Slayer’s weight alone 

Slayer Vs Decent Espresso Machine – Who Are They For?

Both machines are great in their respective ways, so each has a respective fanbase. We’ve got two very different yet capable machines. Both machines compensate for each other’s shortcomings, which puts them in a difficult place. 

Right off the bat, we’d recommend the Decent Espresso machine if your budget is a bit constrained. As stated earlier, the entry-level Slayer costs more than twice the top of the range Decent. And that’s not even including the customizable panels in the Slayers.

You shouldn’t be able to spend a fortune on (home) espresso machines unless you’re budget allows for it and that you’re —Quite admirably, very specific in your coffee taste. 

Secondly, if you like to do experiments with your espressos. If you like changing the precise amount of temperature, pressure, and pre-infusion time in your espressos, the Decent machine won’t disappoint you. 

The good thing about Decent espresso machine (s), instead of impressing a particular niche, they aim for everyone. As a result, you are presented with a wide array of profiles to choose from, thus making it a master key for all espresso machines.

One moment you can pull an E61 shot, and the other moment you can pull a Slayer shot. Yes, the Slayer shot may not be as good as the Slayer machines, but keep in mind their prices.

Thirdly, if you want to experience the future of espresso machines and be a part of a responsive and friendly online community, the Decent machines are for you.

The Decent Espresso machines are regarded as the Tesla of Espresso machines. Just like the automation in Tesla cars, Decent’s smart technology will make life easier for you.   

However, this does not undermine the fact that the Slayer is a great Espresso machine. So if you are a coffee nerd and only want the best of the best, the Slayer Espresso is for you.

It has no computer things, and unlike the Decent espresso machine (s), it is way less complicated. It has a longer pre-infusion time, offering a rich-textured and saturated taste for your espresso. Not to mention how it looks; it is certainly a head-turner.

That said, ask yourself this: is the extra taste in your coffee worth that added $5,000 or so cost? And with that, you have your answer.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes making espresso can be a really difficult and a particularly frustrating task. Brewing an ideal coffee depends on several variables, including temperature, grind size, water ratio… A slight offset in these variables can ruin your taste and overall experience.

That said, no one from the 90s could have believed how advanced modern espresso machines have become. The features they bring to the table are absurdly implausible.

This also means that manufacturers have to make no room for errors.

As newer and newer espresso machines enter the market, the bar keeps on rising as well as the standards. So as the coffee world progresses, people keep expecting more and more from their coffees. 

The launch of Decent Espresso machine has certainly changed the coffee game.

It is important to remember that a Decent’s 25% value is its build quality and the other 75% of its value is its technology.

And I dare believe that for the type of technology it offers, the price is worth every penny.

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