Breville Dual boiler vs Barista Touch

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just want to enjoy your next cup outside on a nice day, the espresso coffee machine debate is always essential. After all, preparing coffee should be made easier. It should make you happy. Simple as that.

So, breville Dual boiler or Barista touch? which is Ideal for you ?

Breville Dual boiler vs Barista Touch

Breville Dual boiler vs Barista TouchBreville Dual BoilerBreville Dual boiler vs Barista TouchBreville Dual boiler vs Barista TouchBreville Barista Touch

Both are automatic and easy to operate but have different heating systems. The Breville Dual boiler has a double boiler system, while the Batista touch comes with a single boiler.

Breville Dual BoilerBatista Touch
It’s fully automatic and comes with an auto startup on the timerIt’s not fully automatic, and it needs you to tamper it manually
Having separate boilers for brewing and steaming eliminates the need to wait between each phase of the coffee-making processIt has a single boiler
It uses a full-sized 58mm portafilter.The portafilter is 54 millimeters in diameter and comes with standard single, and double shot baskets and dual wall pressured baskets for use with pre-ground coffee.
No pre-programmed recipesPre-progammed espresso drink recipes
Warm-up time close to six minutesWarm-up time of about three seconds
The dual boiler has a built-in automatic cleaning system.The absence of a comprehensive automatic cleaning system requires extra effort to keep it clean,. Still, the automatic cleaning system for the steam wand is quite handy.
The Dual Boiler is also easy to carry owing to an ingenious integrated castor system.You will have to move it around normally, with some elbow grease
The dual boiler gives you the chance to tinker and a function to control the pressureThe Barista touch doesn’t offer pre-infusion control.
The Breville Dual Boiler is 14.7 inches tall, 14.1 inches wide, and 14.6 inches deep. It’s pretty close to a square.The Breville Barista touch is 16 inches tall, 12.7 inches wide, and 15.5 inches deep.
Breville Dual boiler vs Barista Touch Key Differences

The Breville Dual boiler buying guide

The “Breville Dual Boiler” name refers to its separate brewing and steam boilers. This means you can draw shots of espresso while also steaming your milk simultaneously. As a result, the Dual Boiler can steam quicker than lower-end units.

In addition to the two boilers, the Dual Boiler features a wide variety of brew parameter customizations and quality benefits for the knowledgeable espresso fan.

A few examples are: a full-sized 58mm portafilter, programmed pre-infusion, and adjustable steam and brew temperatures. With a slew of additional convenient features, including auto-on and off timings to ensure that the machine is ready to use the moment you get up in the morning.

This machine is for individuals looking for the finest degree in espresso quality from the Breville line or for those who intend to serve more than three or four milk-based beverages at a time, regularly.

Features of the Breville Dual Boiler

  • 58mm portafilter
  • Independent hot water channel
  • Buttons for single and double shots that can be programmed
  • Analog pressure gauge
  • Display of Digital Data
  • Parallel brewing/steaming
  • Customizable pre-infusion

That’s not all:

The trademark twin boilers machine separately controls the brew and steam temperatures. That means you can make excellent grade espresso in just 5 minutes.

Additionally, the PID temperature control and the stainless steel shells let you manage extraction temperature for a smooth cup,, all while preserving the particular oils of your coffee grinds.

Apart from that, the Dual-Boiler variant has an LCD, shot clock, specialized water spout (for tea or Americanos) and an over-pressure valve. Essentially, you have complete control over your brew.

That being said, and while I strongly recommend that experienced baristas should definitely check this equipment, I’d say it might not be the best option for novices.

Furthermore, the price is somewhat on the expensive side, especially if this is your first espresso machine.


  •  Excellent espresso shot.
  • The LCD interface makes it simple to operate.
  • Allows for extensive customization
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Two boilers
  • a plethora of features


  • A pretty large machine
  • It is not possible to change the extraction pressure.
  • The steam pressure is lower than that of commercial equipment.

The barista touch buying guide

I think I’m not exaggerating when I say that every feature I was looking for when I wanted my first coffee machine was definitely included in some capacity in the barista touch: automated milk texturing , built-in cleaning system, pre-programmed café drinks, and a variety of other options.

In fact, I was sold on this machine mainly because it automates many of the laborious portions of producing an espresso drink, making the whole process seem like a breeze.

Thanks to its adjustable drink blends and preprogrammed espresso drink recipes, it offers all the comfort of higher-end equipment at a lower cost.

It’s like having a café right in your living room. You can even control the outcome of your brew thanks to a built-in touch screen that guides you through the process. That’s not to say it’s all rainbows and sunshine, of course, a few tasks still have to be done by hand.

Other benefits:

  • You can personalize your cup with the LED touch screen by choosing grind, brew, and milk to adjust the strength, texture, and temperature to your preferences. You may then store up to eight of these distinct option combinations.

If you’re unsure where to begin, these customization choices come with 5 preprogrammed coffee settings to get you started. –

  • The steam wand is fully automated and has settings for altering the temperature of the milk and texture to get the perfect micro-foam.
  • The Barista Touch also has a conical burr grinder. This machine, like the Barista Express, features a 1/2 pound bean hopper and a 2L water tank. It also stands up to the Barista Pro!

But, Is the dual boiler worth it?

As I have perhaps demonstrated throughout this article, I have been pleased with this coffee maker. The Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine is an excellent machine that can help you make fantastic coffee, has more functions than you will ever need, and is easy to operate.

That said, this machine is recommended for people who like espresso, have some past expertise with this brewing technique, and are ready to invest the money for quality.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the few espresso makers that comes in between entry-level equipment and high-end devices that may cost thousands of dollars.

So, If you want to elevate your espresso game, this is the best options for you. And while we’re at it, if you’re going to spend this much money on an espresso machine, it might as well come with a good grinder as well.

The Verdict?

In my opinion, Barista Touch and Dual Boiler are designed for distinct user categories. The barista touch provides above-average cocktails with no effort or experience.

In other words, this is primarily a kitchen appliance; Your beverages will improve with effort, expertise and experimentation, but there will be a limitation.

The Breville dual boiler, on the other hand,  will generate outcomes that are more directly proportional to your degree of effort and expertise.

The more the input, the greater the outcome, and vice versa. My prediction is that , there will come a time where you will eventually outgrow your barista touch, especially if you are already contemplating an upgrade.

Additionally, it’s also important to evaluate if your household members will use the machine and do need its ease of use.

Breville oracle touch Vs Barista touch

There are some significant distinctions between these devices. The Barista Touch has a ThermoJet heating technology that boils your water in seconds, saving you valuable time in the morning rush. This functionality is not available on the Oracle Touch.

Breville Dual boiler vs Barista Touch

Also, one main difference between the Breville Oracle Touch and the Barista Touch is the additional functionality. While both have a similar style and touch screen interface, the Oracle Touch includes extra features such as a twin boiler system that simplifies brewing and frothing.

This feature alone makes it a good buy for coffee lovers, if not for the not-so-wallet-friendly price.

The Oracle Touch is ideal for anybody searching for a consistently decent cup of espresso without the hassle of manual or semi-automatic equipment.

With all of that said however, remember that the espresso machine you purchase will eventually be influenced by your lifestyle and coffee tastes.

If you compare two identical espresso machines, keep in mind which characteristics are non-negotiable and which aspects you would accept sacrificing for the sake of price.

Factors to consider before purchasing a coffee machine

How fast do you want to be

As much as we want to sit back and relax while our beverages are prepared, this isn’t always possible in real life. You could avoid using a manual machine like the Barista Express if you’re short on time. Its manual brewing procedure takes a little longer to brew coffee thoroughly.

All it takes to make a superb cup of coffee with the Barista Touch is the press of a few buttons. Not only that, but it’s really much more convenient when you have the ability to utilize the pre-programmed espresso drink recipes to choose your beverage or create your user profile quickly, so you’re never more than a few minutes away from your favorite cuppa recipe.

Your coffee making experience

Another factor to consider is if you believe you will outgrow your machine too rapidly.

Espresso machines are often a significant investment for a novice espresso fan, so selecting a simple and accessible machine like the Barista touch is critical.

Despite the high learning curve, consumers may feel they’ve outgrown their system after just a few months of ownership.

Overall, the Barista Touch is a more modern gadget with additional capabilities that will likely fulfill your demands for a longer period of time.

Bonus Tips

  • For the best flavor and body, use freshly ground coffee.
  • You should use freshly roasted coffee within two weeks of the date it was roasted.
  • keep your coffee beans in a dark, cold place away from direct sunlight.  If feasible, seal the container with a vacuum seal. For a full guide on coffee storage, check this article.
  • Store no more than a week’s worth of coffee beans at a time by purchasing them in tiny quantities to minimize storage time.
  • Ground coffee loses its flavor and fragrance rapidly, so grind it just before brewing.


Can I descale my Breville espresso maker with vinegar?

To descale your Breville espresso machine, vinegar might be a good option. As a descaling solution, vinegar has some disadvantages. The main drawback is that it is less effective than the other options. The warranty may be void if you use a DIY descaler.

How can I thoroughly clean my Breville Barista touch?

Clean components and accessories (water storage, portafilter, filter basket, jug) with warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse well, then dry thoroughly. The water filter and water filter mount should be withdrawn from the plastic bag. Immerse the filter for 5 minutes in cold water.

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