Best Aeropress Accessories to Save Time And Flavor

The Aeropress uses a unique and fast way of brewing to produce flavored coffee with a low portion of acidity and bitterness.

We’ll dive deep into the best aeropress accessories and attachments. Some of these gadgets will prove to be highly useful when traveling. Others will significantly improve the brewing process, or even resolve the storage issue if you are an organized person that likes to keep everything tidy.

Best Aeropress Accessory: Fellow Prismo Attachment (Latest price on Amazon)

Fellow Prismo Aeropress metal filter

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

Fellow Prismo is definitely the best accessory for your Aeropress if you want to turn your coffee experience into a full-blown home espresso.

It mainly consists of a stainless steel filter, a pressure-actuated valve, and a no-drip seal. Its stainless steel 70-Micron Etched Filter is designed to last for a long time and always deliver a full-bodied brew.

Fellow Prismo combined with Aeropress will produce those much-desired espresso shots full of flavor and rich aroma.

Another pro about this product is the fact that there is no need for a large server as the valve aperture allows you to brew directly into espresso shot glasses.

Joepresso espresso attachment

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

A close contender to the fellow Prismo is the Joepresso. This aeropress Attachment is designed to upgrade your AeroPress from an immersion brewer to a full-on pressurized percolation coffee maker.

This Aeropress add-on is gaining popularity due to its ability to produce actually strong espresso coffee using the Aeropress or the Aeropress Go.

A test was conducted using 1:2 water to coffee ratio (which is the standard espresso ratio), and 14 grams of medium-dark roasted freshly ground coffee beans, and the resulting drink had an interesting TDS (total dissolved solid indicator) of 8.5 as well as a 18% extraction yield. (Source;

If you’d like to do some experimenting for yourself, definitely try this intriguing attachment and see what kind of caffeinated espresso drink you manage to concoct!

Able Travel Cap

Best aeropress accessories

This accessory has to be the simplest, yet the most practical if you’re on the move.

Able Travel Cap fits on the open end of the AeroPress plunger and it allows you to use the empty space inside the plunger as a storage compartment. This is perfect for storing some coffee beans or even some filter papers.

It also provides better stability for the AeroPress when you’re brewing using the inverted method and has a comfortable grip.

Puck Puck Aeropress Cold Brew Adapter

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

Puck Puck is without a doubt a cool accessory for your Aeropress that will become part of your daily routine on hot summer days.

When combined with a bottle that contains mineral water, Puck Puck turns Aeropress into a cold brew coffee maker, giving it a rich and smooth coffee taste. How?

Well, Puck Puck offers a controlled slow dripping of the water over the coffee which will create the perfect brew for an iced coffee.

The mind-blowing fact about this accessory is that the creators also made sure to make it easy for users to track the brewing process by creating an app: PUCKPUCK Drip Counter App.

Puck Puck is compatible with any brand of mineral water bottles.

2Pour Dual Press Accessory

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

If your soulmate or friend happens to be a coffee lover as well, the capacity becomes an issue with an AeroPress, that’s why 2Pour is that kind of must-have accessory.

This gadget offers you the possibility of making two 8oz. coffee cups at the same time. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

All you need to do is place your Aeropress on top of 2Pour and plunge down normally, except that with this charmer, you’ll have two filled cups with delicious coffee at an even ratio.

That means no more cup switching or brew separation. The only minor issue is that this accessory is designed for small cups so the recommended cup height is 3.8 inches.

AeroPress Travel Filter Holder

Best Aeropress accessories - Aeropress travel filter
AeroPress Travel Filter Holder Credit:

if you want to preserve your aeropress filters, another One of best aeropress accessories for this purpose is the micro-Filters holder.

The gadget also comes super handy If you travel a lot, or use your aeropress outdoor.

The Travel filer holder can hold up to 20 micro-filters. Which is more than enough for that adventurous trip in the wilderness!

This accessory can be ordered through the aeropress official website.

Able Disk Filter

Best aeropress accessories

If you want the option of a reusable metal filter instead of paper filters, Able Disk Filter is definitely the logical choice.

There are two different types of Able Disk Filters available.

1- The standard stainless steel filter produces a fuller-bodied cup. This is because some of the coffee fines are able to pass through to your cup when you press.

2- The fine filter option: which allows fewer coffee grounds to enter your cup. So, the end result is a lighter, cleaner cup of coffee.

Keeping in mind that the fine filter is thinner than the standard one so it needs some extra care when applying pressure because it might bend.

They’re 100% made in the USA and are used by a multitude of AeroPress professionals.

Blue Horse Caddy Aeropress Organizer

Best aeropress accessories

Blue Horse Caddy is just the right AeroPress accessory if you’re an organized individual who likes to keep their kitchen all tidy and clean.

This accessory provides you with enough space to keep your Aeropress organized and clean during the drying process and in between uses.  The caddy comes in attractive stainless steel with non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place and protect your countertop.

RSVP Coffee Scoop

Best aeropress accessories

A small and maybe underrated accessory, but this fine RSVP stainless steel tablespoon can be quite useful when measuring and brewing just the perfect amount of coffee in your Aeropress.

It consists of a very comfortable thumb grip and measures 4-inches by 2-inches by 3/4-inch. In one word, RSVP offers you the perfect scoop!

And of course, its design fits into jars and small canisters. A great addition to your Aeropress.

Aeropress Double Wall Insulated Glass Mugs with Lids

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

These two coffee mugs are just too cute and practical to ignore so they definitely make our list.

They’re designed with a double-wall borosilicate glass which guarantees an optimal coffee temperature and freshness. Due to their double-walled design, you can still grab or touch the mugs from the outside without the risk of hurting your skin when the coffee is burning hot.

Additionally, these cute coffee mugs are scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe, they also come with matching lids that will keep an ideal temperature.

Along with the lids, to protect these elegantly shaped coffee mugs, you also get two wooden spoons.

Hexnub AeroPress Protective Travel Case

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

Among the many Aeropress traveling accessories, I had to include Hexnub AeroPress Protective Travel Case.

This durable case is made from shockproof EVA foam and water-resistant fabric. This means you can comfortably take it outdoors without risking damaging your coffee maker. It also has a durable handle so you can easily carry it.

Inside, there is a foam compartment that enables you to hold the AeroPress, thermal mug, metal tins, stirrer, scoop, and filters. The stainless-steel thermal mug is included, as are the storage tins for sugar and coffee.

I used this multifunctional Aeropress travel case very often and I do recommend it 100%.

Altura Premium Mesh Filter

Best aeropress accessories

This is another great option if you’re on the lookout for some AeroPress filter alternatives.

Altura Premium Mesh Filter is an environmentally friendly stainless steel filter, that is also quite affordable and has a small footprint. This means it is fully washable and reusable.

Its slim design makes it suitable for all Aeropress models regardless of their date of production. Also, the fine mesh filter allows all the useful oils and nutrients to drip into your coffee, creating an impeccably flavorful brew.

Speaking of flavorful, let’s dig deeper into the best gadgets for your Aeropress if you’re a coffee snob like me!

Best Aeropress accessories for Coffee snobs

You know you’re a coffee aficionado when you choose to grind your own beans for the ultimate freshness and flavor.

And depending on what kind of brewing method you prefer, you need a portable hand grinder that can easily be carried with you.

Below picks are small, but highly functional and simple to use

Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder

Best aeropress accessories

The Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder is a portable ceramic hand grinder that can easily be taken with you if you travel with your AeroPress and need to have a coffee grinder somewhere in the forest or on a cool mountain top.

The Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder is produced in Japan, it comes in 47 mm diameter and stands 130 mm tall. It has a 40-gram capacity and a stainless steel design.

Due to its small size, it’s proven that it can fit into the Aeropress itself, which means no extra space needed in your travel bag.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee

Best aeropress accessories

Another coffee grinder?

That’s right! And this one is just the perfect size to pack and go when camping or during summer vacations.

This coffee grinder is manual and from experience, there is nothing better than grinding your own coffee manually.

The appliance’s hand crank mechanism eliminates 90% of the noise so if you’re a morning person and all of your camp buddies are asleep, you can grind your coffee without hassle.

Additionally, Javapresse’s manually powered burr grind chamber is designed from ceramic and the hand crank mechanism is removable.

Aesir Paper Filters

Best aeropress accessories

Named after the Norse gods’ pantheon, Aesir Paper Filters are truly superior when it comes to quality and a lot of users find them even better than the usual Aeropress filters.

These filters have double the thickness compared to the usual Aeropress filters and are made from high-quality paper.

They also have smaller pores and are low absorbent, meaning that the coffee won’t lose any of its natural oils.

Feel free to switch from your standard Aeropress filters to Aesir. You won’t be disappointed.

CAFE Concetto Disc

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

The CAFE Concetto Disc is specifically designed for the Aeropress and it’s one of those fancy and colorful filters that you can pick with the utmost determination.

Actually, you can use this filter with any coffee ground type you prefer and it will process it without a problem.

Many consider that choosing CAFE Concetto Disc as your primary filter is a smart idea considering how much it can improve your coffee taste. The disc is designed specifically to retain the oils, but also to add some sweetness to the overall coffee flavor.

In other words, this might just be the perfect filter for you to get that preferred coffee taste without losing any of its valuable elements.

Due to its titanium coat, this filter will last a long time and is 100% reusable.


Best aeropress accessories

JavaJug2 definitely deserves to be included in the best aeropress accessories list.

This gadget is designed solely to be your Aeropress companion as it offers great features.
JavaJug2 will allow you to brew, press, serve coffee and even take it with you whenever you travel as the Aeropress can fit right in.

With a capacity of 32 ounces (946 ml), you can freely serve up to four 8 ounce cups of delicious hot or cold coffee, its markings help a lot when measuring the right amount of water to pour.

If you’re traveling somewhere or just having a nice picnic outside after you’re done with the coffee rituals, you can pack Aeropress and its parts directly into JavaJug2, and with the help of its built-in latch, the parts will stay firm inside.

That being said, I’d say the best part is the stainless steel lid and a two-level tab, ensuring no drop of coffee is spilled anywhere.

Not to forget the fancy JavaJacket that is wrapped around the JavaJug2 to hold the coffee temperature at an optimal value, whether you brew it hot or cold.

The Javajug2 can also be ordered from the Javagear official website

Best Aeropress Accessories for Latte Lovers

If you’re an avid aeropress lover, you must also know that aeropress coffee can offer you the possibility to make pretty much all the variations of luxurious coffee and espresso drinks out there, from cappuccino to macchiato, to cold brew, nothing stops this little genius device from delivering the best of the best in terms of taste and full bodied flavor.

However, perfectly frother milk is another important ingredient to achieve that wonderfully made beverage. This is why, if you plan to brew something a tad bit more sophisticated than good old black coffee, I’ve compiled this list of the best aeropress accessories for Latte lovers.

1. Aerolatte Milk Foamer

Best aeropress accessories

This useful Aeropress Accessory is for every cappuccino or latte lover or even for those wanting to change their espresso or Americano choice to latte or frappe on some rainy days.

This device offers the perfect milk froth out there and the great part is that it works on various types of milk such as soy, almond, coconut, rice, or powdered milk.

Aerolatte Milk Foamer allows you to control the froth solution you desire and offers many variations. The device works with AA batteries and it’s portable, perfect to carry around when traveling.

2. CHINYA Automatic Milk Frother

Best aeropress accessoriesBest aeropress accessories

CHINYA Automatic Milk Frother is yet another gadget that compliments your kitchen and your Aeropress. You can heat and froth milk for any cup of coffee and this product is known to produce dense milk and foam in about a minute.

Additionally, it has a non-stick interior, making it easier to clean. It is also known to be quite simple to use and fairly affordable.

If you crave Cappuccino or Latte, you got your choice of milk frother that will make this possible in one minute.

CHINYA Automatic Milk Frother has a frothing capacity of 5.1 oz / 150 ml and a heating capacity of 10.2 oz / 300 ml. It is also designed using high-quality stainless steel. And, due to its ideal size, this milk frother can fit everywhere in your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does aeropress produce crema?

Yes, with the correct technique and bean quality, your aeropress will produce a good layer of crema on top.
You can follow the inverted aeropress brewing technique I described in this article for more details,

Can Aeropress Make espresso?

No, in theory, the design of the aeropress does not allow it to reach the pressure required to produce espresso coffee (Between 7 and 10 bar) But still, you can definitely condition your aeropress to produce espresso quality coffee.
I’ve detailed this concept here in my article about Aeropress vs Nanopresso.
That being said, Aeropress is without a doubt a necessity in your kitchen if you crave that unique coffee taste in the morning.
The best news is you have the possibility to upgrade it by experimenting with these really efficient accessories among the vast variety available these days.

Can you Reuse Aeropress Filters?

Yes, you can technically use the aeropress filters more than once, just don’t overdo it. I’d recommend up to 3 times. Another option is to opt for a reusable filter like the ones I’ve reviewed in this article.

Are aeropress filters compostable?

Yes, the paper micro-filters that come with the aeropress are compostable and recyclable.

Can I use espresso grind in aeropress

Yes, the Aeropress is best suited to fine drip or espresso grind. Espresso grind will take longer to extract, but the additional chemical compounds that emanate from the smaller particles makes for a richer brew.
In this case, It’s really important to be patient and experiment with different parameters from the number of scoops to the pressing duration and force.

Aeropress gold vs red Lettering?

Grey with Red lettering is the latest adopted aesthetic of the Aeropress.
Other than the color, some coffee enthusiasts also report noticing some minor changes/improvements with the new version in terms of material and ease of use.

Aeropress Inventor ?

Alan Adler invented the aeropress, he is a world renowned scientist, inventor and retired Stanford University engineering instructor who has over 40 patents under his belt – and he’s still involved in the business to this day.

Final Thoughts

If you are a coffee connoisseur or just a coffee lover, you must know of the all too familiar AeroPress and how special of a coffee experience it surely offers.

This marvelous invention from Alan Adler is known for not only being small in size, but also producing delicious coffee in really easy steps.

I tried to gather the best options out there that will suit your traveling needs, upgrade your storage and provide you with the best chance to test different coffee brewing types.

I really hope that these accessory options will help you decide which one to add to your Aeropress package and alter the coffee taste game to your liking.

As stated above, the accessories may fall into different categories such as storage, travel, brewing process, grinding or more general choices.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it on social media. Also, feel free to give us any requests on what you’d like to read next.

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